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Client: Client 1
Type: Manufacture/Distribution
Systems: Automatic barriers & Safety Management

About this Project

The company

Our client DS Smith is a leading provider of corrugated packaging in Europe and a specialist in plastic packaging worldwide. It’s a big business operating across 36 countries and employ more than 26,000 people. We all pretty much encounter their products every day and don’t even know it.

The challenge….

Fork Lifts and pedestrians don’t mix very well. Following modification to their operations processes DS Smith highlighted that their layout could lead to staff having to move around areas where forklifts operate. As they were not sure how they could reduce the risk to pedestrians DS Smith turned to us as we’re known for our bespoke entry control solutions… and we didn’t disappoint.

Our solution….

Following site meetings with both operational and health and safety staff on site and a live action review of the situation and the risks involved, our technical designer Chris was quickly able to identify a number of possible solutions.

We designed and installed a forklift traffic and pedestrian safety barrier interlock system which allows forklift traffic access through the warehouse safe in the knowledge the area is clear of pedestrians.

When pedestrians want to pass they press a Pass Button at the pedestrian gates which closes a rapid action Automatic Barrier to prevent a fork lift traffic passing. The system then releases the pedestrian gates for safe passage and once all pedestrians have safely passed though and the pedestrian gates are closed and electronically secured. The traffic barrier will open again ready for forklift traffic to resume.

The heart to the system is a bespoke ASGuk designed Process Logic Controller (PLC) safety interlock system. This provides efficient and reliable logic, process and complex timing control of the vehicle traffic barriers, pedestrian gates, electronic locking system and indicator lighting.

As the forklifts move around the warehouse at speed the safety interlock system also includes high output sounders and flashing sequences on the traffic lights to pre-warn forklift drivers that the traffic barriers will close.

The system is complex in design but simple for the client to use and a testament to our ability to bespoke design a solution to meet a specific need.

Client feedback…..

The solution is perfect for our needs and simple in operation. During the project we also asked ASGuk to install an additional barrier in another area of the site as well as some manual barriers to help us manage our parking areas too. The system has been in place for 4 weeks now and ASGuk have returned a few times to check everything is OK and make some fine tuning adjustments free of charge as part of their great service. We’d happily recommend ASGuk again to other businesses.


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